We are leading the way with ultra deep water reels for slow pitch jigging with the  development of larger models Rage 60H, 90N ,and 90 . The design and level of workmanship during the manufacturing process has taken the new models to a higher level  .This includes a more gradual and smoother drag lever adjustment , improved cranking torque ,increased durability and new sizes specifically designed for serious jigging anglers.

Below are the key features on the larger newcomers, the Rage 60H/90N/90(L):

1) Gradual drag cam for more control and less breakages

The refined Carbon Dual Drag System , delivers more precise lever drag adjustment as the power goes up gradually and smoothly . This helps to reduce the line breakages and losing fish on the hook.

Currently the lever drag  on jigging reels has only two settings- “FULL” and “STRIKE” , which can  cause problems when trying to set up the desired drag . We redesigned the drag cam on Rage reels by adding one more lever position before “ STRIKE”  .This is the “ M” position which ensures that the drag is more gradual and smoother as you move up the drag lever .

2)  M-Power Torsion Mechanics  for improved cranking torque

The M+ Gear Ratio has been redesigned for maximum line retrieve per crank which is more suitable for fishing with heavy jigs . You can feel the difference in the improvement of cranking torque .It is also more comfortable even using a 900g-plus jigs in super deep water .

That’s why we call it Maxel M-Power Torsion Mechanics as it further improves the cranking torque. And the Moderate Ratio Gear Special Adjustment maximizes the line retrieve per crank.

3) Precision and smooth gearing

The latest Maxel technology is used in the helical cutting of heavy duty stainless steel gears , to further improve the precision and smooth gearing, while also reducing the noise.

Compared to straight gears, the angled teeth in helical models engage more gradually. It has a larger contact ratio which deliersa quieter reel with less vibration .

These features will enhance the experience when fighting big fish on light tackle.

4) Dual anodized finish for maximum corrosion-resistance

The finishing procedure is a complicated processes that involves machining and polishing . Every small details has to be controlled ensure the best and most consistent finish .

Dual anodized finishes are offered on Rage 60H/90/90N (L) , in 4 standard colors  : Black/Light Gray , Black/Purple , Dark Gray/Light Gold , Light Gold/Silver  .

5) Extended handle arm and new lightweight T bar knob for a more comfortable grip and improved cranking feel

Rage reels are also backed up by the powerful silent double locking anti-reverse system  , it has super smooth free spool at any drag setting . The line capacity has been maximized by using special machining on the body frame and spool  .The body and side plates are machined in an arc curve for improved feel and sporty appearance .


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