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About Maxel Fishing

Maxel is a renowned world leader in the design and manufacture of big game aluminium reels. From the heaviest offshore trolling reels to the lightest jigging and livebait reels, you can be sure there is a Maxel reel to suit your fishing needs.

Maxel has a long and illustrious history of manufacturing high precision aluminium parts for a number of industry sectors, which explains the high quality of its aluminium fishing reels. Today, all our reels are assembled by skilled Chinese machinists using carefully selected materials from the USA, Germany and Japan.

Amongst global anglers, Maxel reels are famous for their user-friendly designs, solid construction, powerful and smooth drag and their eye-catching colors.

But what sets Maxel apart in today‘s competitive reels market is an unswerving commitment to product innovation driven by customer demand. Thanks to the combined skills of our experienced engineers and expert field testers, our ranges are always expanding with new and groundbreaking designs.

And, never a company to stand still, Maxel is also looking to break into new territory by developing a range of unique fishing rods for jigging, popping and trolling.

As big game anglers around the world demand more precise reels and complementary tackle that matches their unique requirements, Maxel will continue be at the forefront with outstanding technical advances – each one precisely engineered and tested to perfection. Our satisfied customers would expect nothing less.

Calm Seas and Tight Lines!

Team Maxel