Reel Warranty


MAXEL FISHING TACKLE CO., LTD, warrants its products to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of five years from the date of purchase.

This warranty does not cover damage or malfunctions caused by accident, abuse or normal expected war.

For the fastest repair service and spare parts, please contact your local Maxel dealers. Please send it insured and include a short note describing the service you want. All shipping and insurance cost and transportation arrangements will be borne by you and are your responsibility. We will repair or replace the Product, at our option, without further cost to you, (including free return transportation and insurance). If, however, the repair is not covered by the provisions of this warranty, your Maxel product will be repaired and returned to you at a reasonable charge for labor, parts and return transportation and insurance.

- This warranty does not cover the drag washers and ball bearing of Maxel reels.
- This warranty does not cover the damages caused by transport or the incorrect use of the product.
- This warranty is not valid whenever the product has been tampered with or presents signs of unauthorised repair.



Maxel reels are quality manufactured with high technology and corrosion resistant materials, however, regular inspections and the following operations will ensure ultimate performance throughout many seasons.

1) After each fishing trip the reel should be cleaned. First wipe or wash the reel with fresh water to remove any accumulated salt deposits. Clean it off with a dump sponge, dry it with a clean cloth, and store it in a ventilated dry place. Use the soft neoprene bag provided with you Maxel reel for storage;
2) Avoid contact with salt water as much as possible. Salt water can accumulate inside the internal parts;
3) Every time that an internal cleaning is to be performed, the mechanical components must be re-lubricated with grease. Be sure to grease threads on all external screws so that will make screws much easier to remove when servicing reels again. Do not over lubricate! Make sure that all mechanical parts are correctly re-assembled and that all screws are tightly screwed in;
4) Maxel recommends using our reel schematics as a guide when servicing and organize parts in the order which you remove them;
5) When a reel is not to be used for a long time, the drag lever must be set in the Free position. This will take off pressure on various drag components and allow internal parts to dry better if they get wet. Always store your Maxel two speed reel in a low gear position;
6) Periodically check your Maxel reel for any loose screws or fittings. Depending upon use, your reel should be inspected at least once every season.


Parts Supply


As a specialized manufacturer of saltwater game reels, Maxel stock a large amount of spare parts at our warehouse. This is to ensure a consistent and timely supply to all our dealers worldwide.

The most common reel parts include body screws, anti-loose screws, space washers, handle bolts, T handle nail and handle knob assembly items which are usually stocked by local dealers.

Maxel offers a detailed list of each product schematics, which lists part numbers and descriptions so customers can have the information at their fingertips. All Product Schematics are in PDF format for easy viewing.

If any parts are needed, they must be ordered according to the Maxel Product Schematic part name & number. Please note that part numbers are different for each model of reel. When placing an order for any spare part, please ensure to precisely identify the part numbers with the exact model names.