400g / 500g / 600g

Wraith Jigs are designed for jigging in stronger water current in super deep water . New design with slimmer body but still gives slow fluttering action during falls. It is possible to perform Fast & Slow Stroke even in Softer Tip Top Action Slow Jigging Rods.


  • Super Glow
  • Built with Special Hard Lead Alloy
  • Gold Stamping Foil process of High Adhesion
  • Ultra Shinning &Thick Glistening shape
  • Large Luminous eyes to make the jigs more visible in deeper water
  • Ultra Hard Dipping Epoxy with UV


  • #1  Aurora Blue Green
  • #2 Aurora Silver Pink
  • #3  Aurora Orange
  • #4  Aurora Gold
  • #5  Aurora Silver
  • #6  Black Orange

Series Variations