The unique blank design with 3/7 action tone , suitable for the High-Pitch technique to seduce the fish bite  when they are not so active .
The jig movement through the reflection principle is excellent even with heavier jigs under strong currents and multiple layer flow .

Elemento series cover wide range of jig weights and water condition .
511/3 suitable for slow jigging in shallow water ,also works well for Light Jigging with 30-100g jig  .
511/4 suitable for water depth of 30-100m paired with 150-200g jig , can present the most natural falling movement
511/5 suitable for deep water of 100-180m with slow flow , easy to handle jig weight of 250-350g
511/6 suitable for deep water against strong current , with the re-adjustment  carbon material layer on the
tip-top section, 511/6 and above models perform faster tapper section to maximize reflection during present  heavy jigs in heavy pressure deepwater jigging.

511/7 suitable for super deep water with heavy jigs in high risk area. ,designed to target Grouper and AJ . with the use of short stoke fighting theory, it can pursue more pressure during fighting on the target species

511/8 suitable for super deep water or world expedition expedition ,the strongest backbone designed to handle 600~800g  heavy jigs easily even the depth of water are more than 200m or above.


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