Maxel Fishing

Jigging Reels

Transformer Jigging Lever Drag Left Hand


  • Lever controlled dual drag
  • Magnetic cast assist control for improved casting performance( for size 30/40/50 only)
  • Precision machined ,rigid ,one piece tempered aluminium frame
  • Super strong ,cold forged aluminium spool and side plates
  • Smooth ,high precision ,heat treated stainless steel helical cut gears
  • Super precise ,oversized ,shielded stainless steel ball bearings
  • Carbon dual drag delivered wide range ,smooth performance even when wet
  • Recessed stainless steel seat sits lower on rod
  • All models are silent line retrieve operation


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Model BB Gear Ratio Line Capacity (PE) MAX. STRIKE DRAG (with Free Spool) MAX. FULL DRAG (with Free Spool) Line Retrieve per crank Reel Weight (g) Knob Type Product schematic
F30CL 9+2 5.3:1 30LB-400M 10kgs 20kgs 82cm 435g EVA round knob
F40CL 8+2 5.0:1 40LB-400M 11kgs 22kgs 85cm 578g Carbon T bar or EVA Oval knob
F50CL 8+2 5.0:1 50LB-400M 11kgs 22kgs 85cm 590g Carbon T bar or EVA Oval knob
F30CHL 9+2 6.2:1 30LB-400M 10kgs 20kgs 96cm 445g EVA round knob
F40CHL 8+2 5.8:1 40LB-400M 11kgs 22kgs 98cm 613g Carbon T bar or EVA Oval knob
F50CHL 8+2 5.8:1 50LB-400M 11kgs 22kgs 98cm 622g Carbon T bar or EVA Oval knob
F60HL 8+2 5.3:1 60LB-400M 12kgs 24kgs 97cm 640g Carbon T bar or EVA Oval knob
F70HL 8+2 5.3:1 70LB-400M 16kgs 30kgs 112cm 790g Carbon T bar or EVA Oval knob
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D = Dual Drag
L = Lefty
H = High speed

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